Project group ‚Jewish Cemetery‘

"Blühte wie eine Blume vom Frühlingsreif geknickt." Robert Feist (1904-1908).
„Bloomed like a flower bended by a springtime frost.“ Robert Feist (1904-1908).

In the year of 1987 Alexander-Coppel-Gesamtschule (former name: Solingen Comprehensive School) took over the sponsorship of the Jewish cemetery. Ever since a project group has taken care of the gravesites and the cemetery area at Estherweg. In this way more than 350 students have dealt with the history and the culture of the former Jewish community.

Do read more about the history of the project group, the activities it is focused on, about the students’ motivation and the honorings we have already received for our work. The most important awards, however, remain the letters we received from emigrated Jewish fellow citizens.